Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Me Maw Makeover...Look for the positive

I realize that as life gets busy...or I get discouraged, I don't make time to blog. We had a few rough days and then almost a week of DELIGHTFUL days...followed by some days that seemed awful. Now we are on some more good days. My gals are almost finished with their ballet...the concert is this Saturday so after that, life will slow down considerably. Hopeful that I can stop feeling pulled in so many different directions. I did read through 7 books in a bit over a week. I did not see Mom so much in Alz as I did in Depression/anxiety. I did find that several of her medications have the side effect of depression, anxiety and short term memory loss. I was able yesterday to get a new Primary Care Physician on their managed care plan. Pray with me that the new Doctor will be a good match for us and willing to help get Mom off some of these meds.

I'm learning to freeze the great memories of time with Mom and Dad. I did this when my children were young...I have snapshots in my mind of wonderful times we enjoyed. Now I intentionally get my mind camera out and shoot away when we are laughing and joking together. The times Mom can't remember Dad or any of us, I choose to let go and just love her. It was interesting to read that some of the statin drugs cause amnesia...

Yesterday(not planned or in my schedule) we headed off for a "Me Maw Make-over." Daddy is tired of seeing her in baggy clothes and asked if I could take her shopping for some new things. We first stopped for a haircut for Mom with her fav hairdresser Christi...she's a wonderful Christian lady who is a delight to see. She really shaped up Mom's hair...cute! Then on for clothes...She would look at clothes and say "I don't think that will fit me." Then she'd try it on and VOILA! It fit...she has lost 3 dress sizes since last year. Daddy was precious when he saw her... "I'm not letting you out of my sight now!" The saying "There's nothing better than young love but old love!" is so true. One of the sweet things about Momma forgetting Daddy is that they fall in love more each day. She always tells me he is so good to her.

Today's funny...after all the shopping yesterday, Mom arrived to visit in the ONE old workshirt I left in her closet! God bless all of us today!

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