Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hallelujah!!! God found us a Doctor

On Tuesday(the 15th) we went to meet a new Dr. for Mom. She and I both took some Rescue Remedy to calm our nerves. She was afraid that we were going to leave her somewhere. We assured her there was NO WAY that could/would happen. I was afraid that I would meet a Dr. like most...boy were we both WRONG!!!

We met a Dr. who EXCEPT for working in an office is like an old-fashioned country Doctor. We took all her paperwork and the research that I've been doing. He looked over Mom's meds and was concerned about the assortment of b/p meds and the combination of so many meds. He advised us to eliminate one immediately and wants to look at more of Mom's blood work levels to see if another one can be eliminated soon. His office is less than 10 minutes from the house. He gave us his personal cell phone number in case we need to ask him anything...how odd is that?!?

He sat and visited with the three of us...no hurry to rush in and out. When Mom got tearful, he told her how fine that was and got up to get her kleenex. He is a Christian who encouraged us to worship, give back and take care of our spiritual lives...do things that make us happy and keep our minds active for our mental lives and offered to help us figure out the physical parts for Mom's best care. What an answer to our prayers! Mom just kept saying "He's a real Doctor. He listened to me and gave suggestions. I really like him." Dad was very impressed also and wants to forget trying another Dr. He feels like this one is a "keeper".

My heart has been so burdened to help them find someone who can give them excellent care...this all came about without my help...we got the referral in a round about way...just like God to take us out of the picture and work a miracle for us! I had to change my blog to a cheerful orange as that is how my heart feels today...God is GOOD! We are blessed! Thanks for your prayers and love!

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  1. that is awesome! Don't you just love it when God reminds us He is God? Not only do we get our miracle, we feel so loved by Him in the process!