Monday, June 7, 2010

Last BACPAC concert

Busy weekend with the gals' dance concert. Mom and Dad came and really enjoyed seeing their gals shine. Mom looked so pretty in one of her new outfits. I am usually picking her clothes out for her now so she's all matched. I picked one of her new skirts and shirts with optional jacket for Sunday. She came in two times Saturday night to ask me if she was to wear that skirt with all the colors for church. After church on Sunday she tried to return the outfit to me..."thanks for loaning this to me!" I reminded her it was some of her new clothes and she could keep them in her closet. We had alot of sitting outside in the shade and visiting time. This morning they got to start back to their senior swim at the college in Texas City. I was not about until they returned at 11. Both were in a happy mood and had enjoyed the class. There is a new lady teacher who they both like and think is very good with the students. After the hard times last week, so far the last few days have been refreshing. Dad ordered a new memory supplement that she is taking...hope it helps. We had an outing today to a good friend's home for swimming and visiting...I really need to do that occasionally to help me keep homelife in perspective. God is good!

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