Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

When you know that there are days Mom does not know who Dad is, this card is so precious...

She went to the store with me to get some veggies for grilling. I asked her if she would like to get Daddy a Father's Day card to remind him of what a GREAT dad he was to her children...she said yes but she didn't have any money...I assured her I'd pay and she could repay me later. Needless to say there were not many left so I think it was a "GOD THING" that this one was there for us...we read all of them...some funny, some inappropriate and then this one---


What Being Parents Has Taught Us

Cereal for dinner is not the end of the world.

Yes, there was a time when we couldn't wait for them to talk.

When they sleep, you sleep.

The magic of folding teeny-tiny laundry wears off REAL fast.

Some days beds ARE for jumping on.


There's no such thing as PERFECT PARENTS,
just perfect partners-
and that's what we are.

Happy Father's Day

Then she wrote-
Love you and wish you the best everyday!

We had a wonderful day...worship, meal out at Brett's fav place, shopping for all of us Gals(which gave Daddy a break), grilling out, dinner together under the big trees in the back yard, volleyball with the cheering team(Me Maw and Pa), visiting until dusk. Precious memory!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hallelujah!!! God found us a Doctor

On Tuesday(the 15th) we went to meet a new Dr. for Mom. She and I both took some Rescue Remedy to calm our nerves. She was afraid that we were going to leave her somewhere. We assured her there was NO WAY that could/would happen. I was afraid that I would meet a Dr. like most...boy were we both WRONG!!!

We met a Dr. who EXCEPT for working in an office is like an old-fashioned country Doctor. We took all her paperwork and the research that I've been doing. He looked over Mom's meds and was concerned about the assortment of b/p meds and the combination of so many meds. He advised us to eliminate one immediately and wants to look at more of Mom's blood work levels to see if another one can be eliminated soon. His office is less than 10 minutes from the house. He gave us his personal cell phone number in case we need to ask him odd is that?!?

He sat and visited with the three of hurry to rush in and out. When Mom got tearful, he told her how fine that was and got up to get her kleenex. He is a Christian who encouraged us to worship, give back and take care of our spiritual things that make us happy and keep our minds active for our mental lives and offered to help us figure out the physical parts for Mom's best care. What an answer to our prayers! Mom just kept saying "He's a real Doctor. He listened to me and gave suggestions. I really like him." Dad was very impressed also and wants to forget trying another Dr. He feels like this one is a "keeper".

My heart has been so burdened to help them find someone who can give them excellent care...this all came about without my help...we got the referral in a round about way...just like God to take us out of the picture and work a miracle for us! I had to change my blog to a cheerful orange as that is how my heart feels today...God is GOOD! We are blessed! Thanks for your prayers and love!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Last BACPAC concert

Busy weekend with the gals' dance concert. Mom and Dad came and really enjoyed seeing their gals shine. Mom looked so pretty in one of her new outfits. I am usually picking her clothes out for her now so she's all matched. I picked one of her new skirts and shirts with optional jacket for Sunday. She came in two times Saturday night to ask me if she was to wear that skirt with all the colors for church. After church on Sunday she tried to return the outfit to me..."thanks for loaning this to me!" I reminded her it was some of her new clothes and she could keep them in her closet. We had alot of sitting outside in the shade and visiting time. This morning they got to start back to their senior swim at the college in Texas City. I was not about until they returned at 11. Both were in a happy mood and had enjoyed the class. There is a new lady teacher who they both like and think is very good with the students. After the hard times last week, so far the last few days have been refreshing. Dad ordered a new memory supplement that she is taking...hope it helps. We had an outing today to a good friend's home for swimming and visiting...I really need to do that occasionally to help me keep homelife in perspective. God is good!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Losing My Mind...the book

Finishing some brought "Losing My Mind" by Thomas deBaggio. He was a writer then owned a plant nursery when it was discovered that he had Alz. He decided to write a book as he went further into the illness. His observations are enlightening and raw...painfully so...reading it makes me hope we are not headed there. I used to always want to know what I was facing..."if I know, I can deal with anything". This new journey makes me want to "hide my head in the sand" sometimes. I've always prided myself in dealing with reality and NOT being in denial...guess it's time to lose more of my pride demon.

We did get appointments with the new Dr. but she can't see Mom until the middle of July. That will be right before Dad leaves for the family reunion. Pray with me that he will feel good about going and letting me care for her. He so enjoys seeing his family and catching up. It would give him time to relax and really rest...they spoil him while he's there! He's still undecided about leaving and we don't talk about it much as it makes Mom anxious. She really depends on him.

Last night I made a chart of the many different psychological problems that can be caused by Mom's different made me mad that she has been put on so many different things that have awful side effects and in the 18 or so months, the Physician's assistant has not noticed the change. Prayerful that the new Dr. will be able to make adjustments for her benefit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Me Maw Makeover...Look for the positive

I realize that as life gets busy...or I get discouraged, I don't make time to blog. We had a few rough days and then almost a week of DELIGHTFUL days...followed by some days that seemed awful. Now we are on some more good days. My gals are almost finished with their ballet...the concert is this Saturday so after that, life will slow down considerably. Hopeful that I can stop feeling pulled in so many different directions. I did read through 7 books in a bit over a week. I did not see Mom so much in Alz as I did in Depression/anxiety. I did find that several of her medications have the side effect of depression, anxiety and short term memory loss. I was able yesterday to get a new Primary Care Physician on their managed care plan. Pray with me that the new Doctor will be a good match for us and willing to help get Mom off some of these meds.

I'm learning to freeze the great memories of time with Mom and Dad. I did this when my children were young...I have snapshots in my mind of wonderful times we enjoyed. Now I intentionally get my mind camera out and shoot away when we are laughing and joking together. The times Mom can't remember Dad or any of us, I choose to let go and just love her. It was interesting to read that some of the statin drugs cause amnesia...

Yesterday(not planned or in my schedule) we headed off for a "Me Maw Make-over." Daddy is tired of seeing her in baggy clothes and asked if I could take her shopping for some new things. We first stopped for a haircut for Mom with her fav hairdresser Christi...she's a wonderful Christian lady who is a delight to see. She really shaped up Mom's hair...cute! Then on for clothes...She would look at clothes and say "I don't think that will fit me." Then she'd try it on and VOILA! It fit...she has lost 3 dress sizes since last year. Daddy was precious when he saw her... "I'm not letting you out of my sight now!" The saying "There's nothing better than young love but old love!" is so true. One of the sweet things about Momma forgetting Daddy is that they fall in love more each day. She always tells me he is so good to her.

Today's funny...after all the shopping yesterday, Mom arrived to visit in the ONE old workshirt I left in her closet! God bless all of us today!