Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3, 2010 Life seems grand

Needing to take time to blog...the better things go, the less I find myself needing to write but I thought an update would be good. We went to see our new Doc again...I'll call him Dr. L. We took Mom in because her blood sugars are inching up a bit now that we are off two meds. Neither of them were for blood sugar but both caused that med to act up. Dr. L was very calm(as usual) and told us what was happening and when we needed to call him. He also offered to make a house call and told us he knew where our address that TOO cool!!!

We had a very successful week. Got both Mom and Dad changed to a new health plan on Tuesday so we can use Dr. L at no cost...yeah! It was touch and go because they were in the "lock-in" period and unless they met certain criteria, we could not change until November. Just all the paper work and calls could wear you out...not to mention the actual care! ha

Today I had some work to do at the church so I convinced Mom to tag along with me. We made two store stops on the way to get supplies. Then on to the church...she helped me assemble 20 copies of the Fruit of the Spirit book for church tomorrow. She enjoyed the "work" and getting to be included. Then on to the health food store for some supplies. The grocery store next door had chicken leg quarters for 19 cents a pound! So we had to go there and shop too...she had fun picking out corn on the cob and watermelons. We had loads of time for visiting and singing. We bought some new children's worship music and had to listen to four CD's. Had a great time singing along with her sweet voice.

I've just read a book that should be on everyone's MUST READ LIST...Measure of the Heart by Mary Ellen Geist. It's a touching, realistic tribute to her father who suffers with Alzheimer's. She had a very successful career in radio broadcasting when she came home to help her mother care for her father. Even if you are not dealing with dementia or ALZ in your life, it's a great read about loving and serving. Let me know if you'd like to borrow my copy...I'd love for it to get good use.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Mom called Daddy "Thurman" several times!!! Be blessed...God is GOOD!

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