Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daddy home

We've had one week with Daddy gone to NC for his family reunion. It's been a precious time for Mom and me. Most of the time, she thought I was a dear friend who had come to take care of her. Some times she was completely normal and we could visit about some very abstract things together. She told me how her family decided to take care of each other and how they knew when it was time to let some place else do the 24/7 care and just visit as much as possible.

One day she asked me how to decide which man to keep...she described two different men who she was younger man who loved her dearly and would do anything to take care of her, soft spoken and gentle...the other man was older and she'd known him awhile...he too was good to take care of her but also a bit bossy...although she knew she could always trust him to be a "straight shooter"...I asked for names but she couldn't tell me...the more she described them, the more it seemed she'd divided Daddy into his "nice" guy self and his "caretaker" bossy self. It made me wonder who she would think had arrived at the airport...I prayed myself to sleep asking God to help her recognize and accept Daddy today. They were precious when they saw each other at the airport...both got really teary and hugged forever. I was so thankful that she was able to give him a sweet, loving reception.

The hard part is since we are back home, she is very confused and wants me with her. I am missing her as much as she is missing me! We were like two school girl best friends...visiting, laughing, talking in the dark and singing ourselves to sleep...thanking God for such a wonderful memory!

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