Monday, May 17, 2010

Love endures forever

Today Mom came to ask me what to do when you find someone you really love. I told her you do whatever you can to stay with them. She asked if her staying would cause problems for him? She hasn't remembered for some time that Daddy is her husband of over 53 years(Daddy with his great command of numbers could tell you the exact years, months and days). For a long time, she has had a period of years missing...she has her childhood and some current memories but from the time of her marriage to current seems to have disappeared. It's odd the way the mind works.

Now she calls me the woman in the BIG house. She's heard I'm supposed to be the mother of all the children and thinks I'm probably her Mother also. She doesn't call any of us by name anymore.

Last week we went to a Doctor's appointment. I've not gone with them in over a year because Dad felt he could handle it. There were some issues with a test of Mom's and she was worried. I promised to go along. It was a disaster...come to find out, they've been seeing a P.A. without any Doctor oversight. Mom's on 5 different meds for blood pressure and two more for other things. Dad's on 4 meds. When I get home with the lists and start looking into them, I am stunned that several of them are not recommended for the elderly and several of Moms have the side effects that we are seeing...confusion, weight loss, depression, etc. Now we need to look for a new Doctor and see if we can adjust/eliminate some meds.

I feel like I've not taken "good care" of them...even though up to now, they have not asked for help. I wish I had checked their meds before. I continue to study and try to find a homeopathic remedy to help Mom. Over the years, I've been able to keep them very well physically with only homeopathy. This is a much bigger challenge...I have had some success with a few remedies over the years of helping her mind get centered again but not much success lately. I have such good success with other cases that I am working on but can't seem to get a focus for Mom's case. Tonight I am determining to call a friend who may be able to help me get a clearer picture.

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